Inglés B1 (1ª parte)

50 horas
Docente Pendiente


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Apúntate al curso de Inglés B1 (1ª parte)

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UD1. Let me introduce myself.

    1.1. Need for a change.
    1.2. Just what I am looking for!!!.
    1.3. Welcome to Edinburgh.
    1.4. Getting to know my host family.

UD2. Once upon a time.

    2.1. A strange night.
    2.2. The poets corner.
    2.3. Once upon a time in England.
    2.4. The storyteller.

UD3. Enjoy your trip!.

    3.1. What a difficult decision!.
    3.2. Getting ready.
    3.3. Destination: Ireland.
    3.4. Auld lang syne.

UD4. I haven’t seen you for ages.

    4.1. I´ve never tried it before!.
    4.2. Yummy, yummy!.
    4.3. The bill, please.
    4.4. Enjoy your meal!.

UD5. How can i help you?.

    5.1. I´m a shopaholic.
    5.2. Shopping at Harrods.
    5.3. How can I help you?.
    5.4. I want my money back.

UD6. I’m into new technology.

    6.1. I´m a technophile.
    6.2. My first day at work.
    6.3. It´s so exciting!.
    6.4. I am the best candidate for that job!.

UD7. If i were in your shoes.

    7.1. If I could, I would.
    7.2. I wish I could study at Oxford!.
    7.3. It´s so exciting!.
    7.4. Dear Mr Jones.

UD8. I’m not feeling a hundred per cent.

    8.1. I need a rest!.
    8.2. I feel under the weather!.
    8.3. The honour of the knight.
    8.4. Beyond words.

UD9. Farewell!.

    9.1. The film is being shot.
    9.2. Would you fancy a rom-com?.
    9.3. Definitely!.
    9.4. I´ll miss you!.

  • Afianzar los conocimientos de los diferentes tiempos verbales.

  • Conocer que son las questions y answer tag

  • Saber utilizar «Already», «yet», «Just», «Still».

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